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Pet Care & Animal Health Links

Information about how to care for your pets, from trimming nails to brushing teeth, as well as day care and insurance. Please use this as a resource to empower you to care for your pet.

Brush up on your pet’s dental health

Information on a diagnosis or condition, from medical to behavioral. Just type in your search, for reliable, DVM approved information
Trimming Dog Nails
Ohio Veterinary Medical Association

For support when grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Or call the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Companion Animal Listening Line: (614) 292-1823

American Veterinary Medical Association

The OSU Indoor Cat Initiative:

Enrich the life of your indoor cat and learn how to reduce household stress

For information on Veterinary Pet Insurance, to find out if it may be a good option for you

The Ohio Animal Health Foundation:

The Ohio Animal Health Foundation focuses on improving the health and welfare of animals as well as promoting public health and responsible animal ownership

Why shouldn’t I buy my pet’s medication online? Find answers to frequently asked questions

Find information about nutrition for your pet as well as some of the special diets

Remind My Pet:

To have monthly reminders for your pet's medication emailed to you, sign up at

Healthy Cats for Life:

This site discusses transport of feline companions to your veterinarian, as well as subtle signs of illness in cats

Veterinary Oral Health Council:

Provides a listing of approved products that help slow the buildup of dental plaque and tartar

Feline Advisory Bureau:

General cat care information

Frontline and Revolution Application Video:

Dr. John demonstrates the proper technique to apply these flea and heartworm preventatives

Pilling a Cat (Video):

Dr. Bonnie demonstrates how to administer pills to a cat

Pet First Aid Video:

Dr. Bonnie discusses how to be prepared for a pet emergency, including having a plan with a veterinarian after hours and having a pet first aid kit

For the latest information on pet nutrition, including pet food recalls and homemade diets

Balance IT:

For homemade pet food: Choose from online formulation software, supplements and fortified carbohydrates created by Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition

Ticks in Ohio:

This page from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources helps you identify ticks (including the tick that causes Lyme disease), and properly remove them
Pet Insurance Quotes:

A quick and easy way for pet owners to get quotes and compare plans from leading pet insurance companies

American Kennel Club - Picking a Puppy:

If you are interested in selecting a purebred puppy, keep these important tips in mind